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Vintage 1915 Eli Griffiths & Sons Cabin Lantern

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This Vintage 1915 Eli Griffiths & Sons Cabin Lantern was once an oil lantern but turned into a light. Eli Griffiths and Sons, of Birmingham, England, was a lamp manufacturer that operated from 1870-1963. This was once a beautiful copper lantern but from the use and the weather it is a little worn and discolored.

You can see from the photos that it does have some dents on it. In one of the pictures you can see the side window is open and the light is pulled out.  That is how they would do it back in the day to refill the fluid and ignite the wick.  To open the glass door you have to lift a little knob on the door until you can pull open.  All the holes on the frame is so they good vent the smoke out.

On the part that opens and closes the top lid you will see the name ELI GRIFFITHS & SONS 1915.

This would make for a perfect light to sit on a nightstand or end table.  But it would also look great in someone’s office or man cave.


Height: 15 3/4″
Base Width: 8″
Base Depth: 6″
Three Glass Sections: 7 3/4″ each
Weight: 11 lbs.

You will be shipped the Vintage 1915 Eli Griffiths & Sons Cabin Lantern shown in the photos.

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