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Perko Starboard Bronze Double Lens Navigation Light - Green Side Light - USA Made


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Double Stack Starboard Light – USA MADE

This is an authentic Perko starboard bronze double lens navigation light, salvaged from a once working vessel. Navigation lights is an iconic item in the nautical community. Red and green side lights are required when away from the dock between sunset and sunrise and periods of restricted visibility. This particular navigation light is a green side light. It would be located on the on side of the bow 112.5 degree visibility.

Perko, formed in 1907, has been creating quality nautical products for over 100 years.

This double stacked light is made of solid bronze and plastic. It has a plastic watertight access cap for rebulbing and cleaning. It will provide 3 mile visibility. It measures 17.25 inches tall by 7 inches wide. The base measures 9 inches from mount leg to mount leg, it has 4 mount holes. The green Fresnel lenses  are in good condition. They are made of plastic and only have slight imperfections. Each Fresnel lens is 6.75 inches high. This double light weights 19.2 pounds.

There are several marking on this piece. The top housing has “Bow” with an arrow, the top plate has “152214” marked on the plate, the cap say  “Perko” and “Miami FLA. U.S.A”, and the base “1164-68” and “Perko”

**This light comes as is. Working condition is unknown,  we have not polished or rewired this light. The original sockets are in place but the electrical wiring coming out of the lamp was severed at some point before we acquired it.

You will be shipped the Perko Starboard bronze double lens navigation light – Green Side Light shown in the photos.

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