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Nippon Sento Salvaged White Light Brass Lantern


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Large Salvaged Brass Lantern

Here we have a salvaged white light brass lantern that was produced by the Nippon Sento company out of Japan. Nippon Sento Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1936. The Company’s line of business includes manufacturing residential lighting fixtures. They are still producing lights to this day.

This is a unique salvaged brass lantern that has been rewired for your commercial or residential use. Add a touch of nautical flair to your themed room!

This brass white light lantern stands 8.5  inches tall. It measures just over 8 inches in diameter and has 3 bolt holes for mounting. The beautiful Fresenl lens is in excellent conditions, no major chips or cracks.  The weight is 6.4 pounds. The original brass plaque has been removed, it has the marking HK directly embedded into the brass like all of our other Nippon Sento lanterns.

This light has been rewired with UL-listed wiring and bulb socket. This light takes a medium base bulb of 75 watts or less. To access the bulb area, you simply unscrew the bolts on the top and remove the cover. The wiring exits the bottom of the light from the brass post.

You will be shipped the Nippon Sento Salvaged White Light Brass Lantern shown in the photos.

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