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J.H. Peters & Bey German Made Oil Burning Lantern


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German Oil Burning Lantern

This vintage galvanized German made oil burning lantern was made by “J.H. Peters & Bey” in Hamburg, Germany.  Most of the housing has surface rust and has been clear coated.  The lantern is made out of galvanized steel.

This lantern is 18 inches tall with the top handle in the down position.  The fresnel glass lens is in good condition, but will require some additional cleaning! This lantern will emit light in about 145 degrees around it.

This is a flat back housing with the back side being 8 inches wide. Including the hooks for hanging this lantern, the width is just over 11 inches.  From the curved front of the lantern to the flat back, it looks to measure about 7 inches.  This German made oil burning lantern weighs just about 7.7 pounds.

The back side of this lantern has a door that gives easy access to the oil burner.  The burner assembly looks complete, but it has not been tested for working condition or leaks, and will need some cleaning if you really want to light it up.  The oil burner will need a new wick.  The back access door has a slight gap at the bottom of the door to allow smoke to leave easily.

You will be shipped the German made oil burning lantern shown in the photos.

Big Ship Salvage scours the world for nautical antique lights, décor and other items related to the Nautical Life.  Brass, copper, stainless steel and sometimes aluminum materials are used to make-up the vintage lights that we find.  We soda-blast the old paint off, remove the old wiring and polish before they arrive in our warehouse.  Then, we rewire with UL listed bulb sockets and wiring harnesses and get ready for purchase.  They are now ready to warm your home, business or restaurant with that nautical feeling we all desire.

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