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Vintage Brass Port Side Double Stacked Light


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Vintage Brass Port Side Double Stacked Light

Item #P10-44R is an authentic brass double stacked light, salvaged from a once working vessel. The red Fresnel lens are vivid red and are in great condition.

Red lights were used to indicate the left side (port side) of a vessel when traveling on the sea at night. Interestingly enough, the term “posh” originated as an acronym P.O.S.H. (standing for “Port Out, Starboard Home) used by British Cruise-Liners when describing the cabin arrangements for their rich passengers who would pay extra to face the sunny (southern) side of the ship when crossing the Atlantic to and from America.

This double stacked port side light is in good condition with slight color dis figuration on the bottom. This light weighs 22.9 pounds and measures 16 inches tall. Additionally, this light is 8 inches in length and 7 inches in width. There are 3 holes on the bottom of this fixture to mount easily onto the surface of your choice.

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