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French Oil Burning Navigation Lanterns- Babord & Starboard - Replica


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French Oil Burning Navigation Lanterns

This is a functional replica set of babord and starboard French oil burning navigation lanterns. Babord means portside in French. A pair of red and green navigation lights is an iconic item in the nautical community. This set of lights drew it’s inspiration from authentic navigation lights used on boats worldwide. While these are replica, they are still functional french oil burning navigation lights. This is a fun nautical item for someone to own with the ability to fire them up and use them as they might have been used on the seas.

Each boat is required to own a pair of red and green lights to indicate their boat’s position to nearby boaters.¬†Even the smallest of boats have these lights — just with less required distance of visibility. Larger boats will need powerful lights to emit light in a large radius.

Navigation Lights
Picture from Ohio Department of Natural Resources webpage (click picture for link)

With the handle fully extended upwards, this navigation lantern stands 12.5 inches. The width of each lantern is 5 inches while the length measures only 4.25 inches. Each of these lights weigh 1.5 pounds.

You will be shipped the pair of french oil burning navigation lights shown in the photos.

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