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Vintage Double Stack Port Light- Blue


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Vintage Double Stack Port Light- Blue

This is a Vintage Double Stack Port Light(Blue) which was salvaged from a once working vessel. On this light is the words Carlisle & Finch Co.   Carlisle & Finch is a manufacturing company of nautical equipment founded in  1893-94 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This Vintage Double Stack Port Light has shown its wear over the years. The glass on the upper light is cracked but it is still holding its shape! To put in the lightbulbs you must unscrew two of the bolts and slide the lid over.  Both of the ends must be done.

This would be a great piece to put on a corner wall for some relaxed ambiance in a cocktail/ bar area! It can also just stand on a end table or you could hang it but it is pretty heavy!

The light is in working condition as shown in the photos.


Height: 20.5″
Wall Bracket: 10.75″
Fresnel lens Height: 5.5″
Weight: 26.5 lbs.
Cord: 89″

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Stack Port Light- Blue Shown In The Photos

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