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Large Antique Scottish Oil Lantern Brass And Copper By R.C. Murray & Co. Limited


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Antique Oil Lantern

This Antique Scottish Oil Lantern will be the perfect decorative addition to the nautical theme. It has a particularly distinct classic feel to it. This not under command lantern was made by R.C. Murray, Glasgow, Scotland circa 1920. A not under command vessel is unable to maneuver as required and is, therefore, unable to keep out of the way of another vessel. To signal this a ship must display two round red lights in a visible vertical line.

The housing of this antique lantern is made up of both brass and copper. The nameplates on the front read “Neptune” and “Anchor”. Without the handles, this lantern measures 21 inches tall. With the handles extended, the height reaches 31 inches tall. The base of the lantern is 10.5 inches. It weighs 22.2 pounds. It has a clear Fresnel lens and a removable red glass insert. The Fresnel lens is in very good condition, with only minor scratching, which is about 6 inches. The oil mechanism is still intact at the bottom of this lovely piece, including a double wick.

To access the oil reserve, pull out the pin in the front and lift the lid open.


Height with handle: 30″
Height without handle: 19″
Diameter: 10″
Weight: 17.3 lbs.

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