This 5 step nautical Jacobs ladder is a little over 4 feet long, not counting the rope ends. Each step on this nautical rope ladder measures 21 inches long X 4 1/2 inches.

Originally these rope and wood ladders were used by local harbor pilots when boarding a ship entering a port to help the captain navigate safely.

You might ask yourself what does a person do with one of these ladders? I hear from people all the time that are using them to make book shelves that hang from the ceiling next to a wall. Some people use them as plant rack by attaching them to the top of the wall of an outside shed. They could even be used to give your kids access to a tree house. They make great nautical décor, and can easily be cut to shorter lengths as needed. These rope ladders have not been cleaned, so you may have to hose them off with some soap and water.

You will be shipped the 4 foot nautical rope ladder shown in the photos.