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5 Step Rope Nautical Ladder


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This 5 step rope-wood nautical ladder measures about 5 feet long. The wood steps are 20 5/8 X 4 3/8 inches. This is an authentic nautical rope ladder, so you can expect wear marks on the wood and some fraying to the rope sections. We have not cleaned this ladder, so you can use it in as found condition, or use a little soap and a garden hose and clean it up.

Today people are using these nautical ladders to make book shelves, spice racks, flower racks, or just a nice little set of shelves for your collectables. While not all the ladders we offer are the top section with the original loops, you have many options to hang these ladder. I think the best way to hang these ladders is to find some 3 inch 90 degree brackets. These can be shelf brackets, or look in the lumber framing section of your local Lowes or Home Depot. Attach two brackets to the bottom side of each shelf and try to hide the brackets behind the rope. Next, position the ladder on the wall where you want it, and get the top step level. Once the top step is level, attach that step to the wall with the two brackets you already attached to the bottom of that shelf. Let the ladder hang, and now you can attach the brackets on the other shelves. This is just one way to hand your ladder, I am sure you guys will comes up with other ways to install them.

If you find this ladder to be a to long, you can cut the rope and remove one or two steps to make it fit your project!

We take new photos for each ladder we list, so if you order this item number, you will be shipped the ladder in the photos.


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