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5 Step Nautical Rope-Wood Ladder


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This original 5 step nautical rope-wood ladder was cut from a larger section that either had a bad step or a broken rope in it. Not counting any of the loose rope ends, this original 5 step nautical rope ladder measures 5 feet long. The wood steps are 20 3/4 inches long by about 4 1/2 inches wide.  The ladder weighs 30 pounds.

I am not really sure of all the ways people can use these rope ladders, but this authentic 5 step nautical rope ladder section is just right for a craft project or a simple wall display. Recently we were on a buy trip and found a huge pile of these pilot ladders and somehow they ended up here in the warehouse for us to sort out.

Every time I handle one of these ladders, I want to hang it on the wall in my office so I can display some of my smaller items that end up on my desk.  Many people tell me they hang these on the wall to make a book rack or use as small plant shelves.  We have several lengths to choose from

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