Nautical Letter “P” Signal Flag



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Product Description

The Papa Nautical Signal Flag or the “Blue Peter” is a highly sought-after collectors’ item for several reasons.

Firstly, it has historical significance, as it was used as a form of communication between ships at sea for centuries. Nautical signal flags were used to convey messages such as weather warnings, directions, and distress signals. Therefore, owning an authentic nautical flag provides collectors with a tangible piece of maritime history.

Secondly, the Papa flag’s unique design and vibrant colors make it an aesthetically pleasing object. The bold blue and white color scheme, along with the large size, makes it an excellent statement piece for nautical-themed decor.

Finally, the rarity of the item also adds to its value. Authentic nautical signal flags are becoming increasingly scarce, especially those in good condition, as they were designed to withstand harsh marine environments. As a result, collectors are willing to pay a premium for these rare and unique items.

Overall, the Papa Nautical Signal Flag or the “Blue Peter” is an excellent collectors’ item for its historical significance, aesthetic appeal, and rarity.

Shown in the photos are one side of the nautical signal flag, a close-up of the fibers of the fabric, and a corner showing some fraying.


Length: 71″
Width: 52″

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