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Japan Ship Flag – 68″ x 42″




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Product Description

Japan’s Ship Flag – 68″ x 42″ also known as the “Nisshōki” or “Rising Sun” flag, is used on Japanese ships to represent the country and its maritime heritage. The flag features a red circle, symbolizing the sun, on a white background, which represents purity and honesty. The use of the flag on ships demonstrates the ship’s affiliation with Japan and its commitment to following the country’s maritime regulations and laws. The flag helps to establish the ship’s presence in international waters and ensures that the ship is treated with respect and given proper assistance while in port. Flying the flag on a ship is also a source of national pride for the people of Japan, as it represents their country’s maritime history and its status as a maritime nation.

One side of the flag and a closeup are shown in the photos.


Length: 68″
Width: 42″

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