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Wooden Lobster Trap Bullet Buoy Painted Black and Red


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Wooden Lobster Buoy

Authentic handmade Wooden Lobster Trap Bullet buoy is painted black and red. Bullet buoys are the main buoy they connected 15 to 20 feet away from the toggle buoy positioned above the lobster trap. The main buoys typically have a handle on top, which this one still has intact!

Each color and pattern is unique to a specific lobsterman.  To know which traps are theirs lobster fishermen have their own color markings and registration numbers. The registration number and color making must also be displayed on their boats for law enforcement officials to easily identity who is hauling. This one is painted black and red with a slight cone shape. It has the letters: VPDLK carved into the side.

Bullet buoys make a great addition to a nautical collection because their size makes them easy to display.

This Bullet Buoy is approximately 25 inches high and 5 inches at its widest point. It weights 2.1 pounds. This buoy is quite weathered from its years bobbing on the water.

Most buoys are made of cedar because of the lightness of the wood. Cracking is the natural drying process in the wood. Only in rare cases would this affect the buoy and adds to it’s character.

These lobster buoys would look great in any nautical themed area, beach home, pool side decorations, Bar and patio decorations are just a few. The options are endless.

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