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Vostok Soviet nuclear submarine 8 day spring wound clock - Kauahguyckue


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Vostok Kauahguyckue Wall Clock

This vintage Vostok Soviet nuclear submarine 8 day spring wound clock was made by the Vostok company out of Chistopol, Russia. It is a Russian clock manufacturing company that dates back to 1942. These clocks were used mainly on ships, boats, and submarines. It dates from most likely the 1980’s-early 1990’s, since the USSR dissolved in 1991.

The writing on the dial of the clock reads “Komandirskie”, one of Vostok’s trademarks for their products. The decorative “B” under the dial is a Russian V, Vostok’s logo. The lettering right at the bottom of the dial says “сделано в ссср” which translates to made in USSR. On the face, there is a red star at the top (12), a circle with an image of a submarine in the center, and an anchor at the bottom (6). When opened the edge has the serial number: 7126.

This tan Kauahguyckue clock. The face measures 6.75 inches in diameter. The protective glass measures 5.5 inches. The backside measures 8.25 inches. The mounting base is 9 inches and has 4 mount holes. The clock its self is 3 inches tall but will extend 3.5 inches when mounted to the wall. This clock weighs 6 pounds.

The clock requires to be wound by a key or crack and comes with its original clock key. To access the winding point insert the clock key into the hole in the side, and turn to unlock. Next, lift the hinged cover, insert the clock key in the winding point. It is meant to run for 8 days after being wound. This clock appears to be in working condition. The hour, minute and, second hands move when the clock is cranked. It has not been professionally tested.

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