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Vintage Viking Life Boat *Local Pickup Only*

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This is a Vintage Viking Life Boat. Viking was founded in Denmark in the 1960s by Tage Sørensen. Now known globally to the sear farers with safety at sea! These are in large plastic containers that blow up into 20-person lifeboats. We’ve included pictures of the lifeboat in the storage containers and inflated.

** We do not recommend it for use as a safety floating device **

This item is a unique piece perfect for the right person. There isn’t much use for this but maybe you could use it for a tent. It would for sure keep you warm and dry on a wet, cold damp night while camping!

If you have grandkids who love to sleep outdoors this would be a great piece to lay inside and tell stories!


This Vintage Viking Life Boat is being sold as-is for local pick-up only!

$500 — *Local Pickup Only*

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