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Vintage Sperry Loran Receiver


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Vintage Sperry Loran Receiver

P4-59 is a LORAN A instrument. It stands for Long Range Aid to Navigation. This unit was built in the early 50’s and replaced in 1956 by LORAN C. It is based on the speed of radio waves and was used to plot your position based on Master and Slave stations. A chart with loran lines was used in conjunction with the unit and the loran line would appear on the read out and you plotted the line and cross line on a chart to find your position, as 2 LOP’s ( lines of positions) would indicate your location. This system was developed by the Brits and Americans during the early part of WW2 and initially placed on Bombers. In 1943 they were placed on ships and immensely helped determine position for the allies. After the war the Maritime Administration gave these to the merchant marine and Sperry was the leading manufacturer of these. Since the use of LORAN A was not as far reaching due to radio wave interference, LORAN C was developed with multiple filters to assist with position determining capabilities that exceeded LORAN A. The next development was differential LORAN which fixed your position to a few feet. LORAN E is now in development due to the fact that GPS can be played with by nefarious factions i.e. China, Korea etc to indicate a wrong position and that GPS satellites can be literally shot down. The unit you see here is a rare find and not many are on the market.


Height: 8.25 Inches
Length: 13 Inches
Width: 10 Inches
Weight: 14.5 lbs.

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