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Vintage Sperry Gyro Pilot - 49th Manufactured!


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Vintage Sperry Gyro Pilot

WOW! Talk about an interesting piece of maritime history! This vintage Sperry Gyro Pilot is the 49th unit they manufactured. Because of this, the date is likely close to the testing date of 1922. In 1922 field trials commenced on the Sperry standard Gyro Pilot. The brilliant benefit of the gyro pilot invention is that it could pilot the ship by itself. The first recorded crossing of the Atlantic with a ship under complete gyro pilot control is credited to the Standard Oil Company’s Tanker W.H. TILFORD, under the command of Captain Alex Mackay. Sperry has a very interesting history and if you’d like to know more – I highly recommend checking out their corporate history site. https://www.sperrymarine.com/corporate-history/sperry-marine

Unfortunately, this fell over at one point in time — causing it to lose one of the handles on the wheel. There is one knob missing on the right hand side as well. Other than that, all parts are present.


Height: 45 inches
Depth: 14 inches
Width: 22 inches
Wheel Diameter: 29 inches
Weight: 86 pounds

You will be shipped the Vintage Sperry Gyro Pilot shown in the photos.

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