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Vintage Snead Shallow Water Dive Helmet-SOLD

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This Snead shallow water dive helmet measures 21 3/4 inches tall, 11 1/2 inches wide, and 11 1/2 inches deep. Weighs 56 pounds. This helmet was cast in one piece of corrosion-resistant iron and still has the original yellow paint. According to the company, this helmet was effective in shallow water up to 18 feet. It was used for underwater work on vessel hulls and various forms of underwater light construction.

The features of this Snead Style 3 helmet include an air intake on the rear of the top of the helmet, to keep the air draft off the diver’s face, a baffle plate cast on top to deflect the air stream to prevent fogging, and a lower center of gravity and better shoulder support to make the helmet more comfortable.

Manufactured in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Our dive helmet is in as-found condition with no verification of the working condition.   It is a great historical piece and it displays very well!  Just the thing for your nautical-themed décor or office.

You will be shipped the Snead shallow water dive helmet shown in the photos.


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