Vintage Leather And Brass Binocular



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Product Description

Step back in time with this Nautical Vintage Weathered Leather and Brass Binocular. The distressed look of this binocular will take you on a nostalgic journey to an era of adventure and exploration on the high seas. The binocular is made from leather, which has weathered, and brass that has a patina.

The Vintage Weathered Leather and Brass Nautical Binocular has signs of wear and tear due to its age. You will see that the leather is coming off on one side of the binocular. Additionally, on both eyepieces, there are areas where the brass has indentions. However, these signs of wear and tear only add to the authenticity and charm of the Vintage Weathered Leather and Brass Nautical Binocular.

Please note that due to the age of the item, the working condition cannot be guaranteed. However, it remains an impressive piece of nautical history that will take you back to a time of exploration and adventure on the high seas. Get your hands on this unique piece today and own a piece of nautical history.


Length: 5 3/4″
Width: 5 1/4″
Front Lens: 2″ each
Back Lens: 1″ each
Weight: 2 lbs.

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