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Vintage Fan Anemometer And Wind Vane Sensor

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You are looking at a Vintage Fan Anemometer And Wind Vane Sensor. An anemometer is a device that measures wind speed and direction.

This piece is a little unique.  It is a light blue in color but the propeller and the middle of the pole is aluminum and the stand bottom and top is brass.  On the tail part of the item you may think there is a large tear on it but that is where the color came off. The fan anemometer and its propeller both spin freely. It is a little more on the heavier side.

So, if you are looking for an unique nautical item that not to many people have, then this beautiful piece would be it!


Height: 30 1/4″
Length: 27″
Propeller Diameter: 14″
Base Diameter: 5 3/4″
Base Mounting Holes: 5
Weight: 24.5  lbs.

You will be shipped the Vintage Fan Anemometer And Wind Vane Sensor in the photos.

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