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Vintage Diver’s Rotary Air Pump Wheel



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Product Description

You are looking at the Vintage Diver’s Rotary Air Pump Wheel. This extraordinary apparatus was the lifeline for divers of yesteryears, powered by a hand-cranked mechanism. As they turned the wheel, rhythmic and determined, a continuous stream of vital air coursed through a hose, connecting to their diving helmets. The pump’s steady sound was a testament to their courage and determination, a reminder of the pioneers who braved the depths.

The rotary design, driven by a crankshaft rotated using two flywheels on either side. The divers skillfully controlled their air supply by adjusting the crank’s speed. You can see in the photos where the handles would have been attached. You can also see the evidence of the wear that time has imprinted on this historic wheel.

Today, the Vintage Diver’s Rotary Air Pump Wheel stands as a cherished relic, treasured by diving enthusiasts and collectors alike. Encountering this piece in maritime museums or antique shops is an opportunity to reflect on its enduring legacy.


Diameter: 37″
Handles: 8
Width: 3″
Barrel Diameter: 6 3/4″
Barrel Thickness: 2 1/2″
Axel: 1″
Weight: 41 lbs.

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