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Stainless Steel Yacht Wheel

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This is our Stainless Steel Wheel that was manufactured by the Yacht Specialties Co. This could be used as a replacement owner, for any of you Yacht owners out there! For those of us who don’t have a Yacht (maybe one day), it could be used as a decorative piece on the wall until you start restoring your own Yacht (kidding!). Regardless of my bad jokes, this is a really wonderful piece of salvage – in great condition and with visible markings of the company who manufactured it.

This would really be a showcase piece in your home or at a nautical-themed restaurant/ bar room.   It could be hung on a wall or even suspend from your ceiling!

A great piece for someone or place who really enjoys nautical pieces and who has a place big enough to display it.

This item is being sold as-is.


Diameter: 36″
Depth (just wheel): 1″
Depth (hub included): 2.25″
Weight: 8 lbs.

You will be shipped the Stainless Steel Yacht Wheel shown in the photos.

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