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Blue and Tan Seiko Nautical Wall Clock - Vintage


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Seiko Nautical Wall Clock – Vintage

This Blue and Tan Seiko Nautical Wall Clock is in pretty good condition! Slave clocks depend upon a master clock for the accuracy of its time. These clocks would be set up throughout the building/ship and would be electronically wired to a master clock that would ensure all clocks were at the same time. These were widely used in ships, businesses, and public schools.

This vintage nautical wall clock housing has a light blue enamel coating and the faceplate is caramel in color. It measures 8.75 inches in diameter. The dial and glass diameter is 6.75 inches. When mounted to the wall it sticks out 2.5 inches. It is marked “SEIKO” and “Japan” on the dial face.  It was made in Japan by Seiko, a company that dates back to 1881. There are multiple stickers in the interior: Secondary Clock, Mc-009 Seiko Precision Inc., and Inspection Pass Sep 1993 Seiko Precision. This clock weighs 3.5 pounds.

The clock has a thumbscrew on the side which allows access to the battery mechanism inside.  The clock takes one AA battery.  We have tested this clock and it is in working condition.

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