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Seafoam Vintage Brass Windmill Anemometer


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Seafoam Vintage Brass Windmill Anemometer

P4-34 is a Seafoam Vintage Brass Windmill Anemometer that was salvaged off of a once working vessel. Whether you want to decorate the inside of your house or the exterior, this anemometer is a wonderfully unique solution!


Height: 30.5″
Length: 27″
Prop Diameter: 14″
Base Diameter: 6″
Base (# of Mounting Holes): 5
Weight: 25 lbs.

The windmill anemometer and its propeller both spin freely.

Quick History on This Type of Anemometer
vane anemometer thus combines a propeller and a tail on the same axis to obtain accurate and precise wind speed and direction measurements from the same instrument. The speed of the fan is measured by a rev counter and converted to a windspeed by an electronic chip. Hence, volumetric flow rate may be calculated if the cross-sectional area is known.

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