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Salvaged Blue-Green Vintage Japanese Glass Float - 3 Inch


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Authentic Vintage Glass Float

This is an Authentic Salvaged blue-green Vintage Japanese Glass Float. This float was salvaged off the beaches in Japan. They will break off the fishing nets and wash up on shore. They get their color due to the fact they are typically hand blown from melted sake bottles. The scratches on the glass that comes from being washed up on the beach and tumbling on the sand. The diameter of the light blue-green glass float is 3 inches. The weight of this item is .2 pounds.

The earliest evidence of glass floats being used by fishermen comes from Norway in 1844 where glass floats were on gill nets in the great cod fisheries in Lofoten. By the 1940s, glass had replaced wood or cork throughout much of Europe, Russia, North America, and Japan. Japan started using the glass floats as early as 1910. Today, most of the remaining glass floats originated in Japan because it had a large deep sea fishing industry which made extensive use of the floats; some made by Taiwan, Korea and China. In Japanese, the floats are variably known as ukidama (浮き玉, buoy balls) or bindama (ビン玉, glass balls). (reliable information courtesy of Wikipedia)

You will be shipped the Authentic Salvaged Blue-Green Vintage Japanese Glass – Float 4 Inches shown in the photos.


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