Rope Boat Fender With Short Handle



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Product Description

Boat owners consider a Rope Boat Fender with a short handle an essential piece of equipment. This type of fender is designed to protect boats from damage caused by contact with other boats, docks, or pilings. These fenders are made from durable and high-quality rope material, which offers excellent cushioning and protection to boats. The fender’s short handle makes it easy to maneuver and position, ensuring that your boat is adequately protected from potential damage. Boats that are smaller or have limited space can benefit from these fenders, which can be easily attached to the boat using a variety of knots and stored in a compact manner when not in use.

In addition to being crucial for boat owners, Rope Boat Fenders with short handles have various practical applications. For example, they can protect walls or furniture from damage caused by doors or chairs. They can also add a nautical-themed decorative element to interior design. In restaurants or cafes, they can protect walls and corners from damage caused by carts or equipment. Alternatively, they can be used to display menus or specials in a unique and creative way.


Height: 19″
Circumference: 39″
Weight: 8 lbs.

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