Naval 40MM MK 2 Shell Casing



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Product Description

The Naval 40MM MK 2 Shell Casing played a significant role in naval forces during World War II as it was extensively used for anti-aircraft guns on ships, making it a vital component of naval defenses. Crafted from brass, the MK 2 shell casing is approximately 14 inches long and features a distinctive flared base that narrows towards the top where the projectile was attached. Owning a Naval 40MM MK 2 Shell Casing is an excellent way to establish a tangible link to the past and add to any military memorabilia collection. It serves as a reminder of the power of military technology and the bravery of sailors who fought to defend their country during World War II.


Height: 12 1/4″
Base Diameter: 2 1/4″
Opening Diameter: 1 1/2″
Weight: 2 lbs.

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