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Antique Nautical Dobbie - McInnes Depthometer


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Marine Depthometer

This antique nautical depthometer made by Dobbie McInnes Ltd. Nautical & Engineering Instrument Makers to the British Admiralty Air Ministry & War Office in Glaslow, Scotland. This product is used to measure water depth.

Alexander Dobbie and Son was established in 1841 by Alexander Dobbie. In 1902 they began going by Dobbie McInnes Ltd until being acquired by G. and J. Weir in 1967. They were a leading contender in manufacture marine scientific equipment. For a brief period between 1925 and 1936 they were known as Dobbie, McInnes and Clyde. Due to the markings on this piece we believe it is from this time period of the company.

This antique nautical depthometer is made of special bronze tube, with gun-metal fittings which are nickel-plated. It consists of a specially calibrated tapered cylinder bore. The water is trapped and retained against the compression of air. The outside is marked “Dobbie – McInnes Depthometer No. 6668 Dobbie . McInness & Clyde LTS Glassow” It is 11 inches long and bout 2 inches at its widest point. It comes in a 17 inch by 3 3/4 inch by 3 1/2 inch wood box. The wood box has a faint painted logo. There is a paper product introduction list glued to the inside top of the box, part of these instructions are missing. The original ink jar is included.  Also a small wrench and a and a hand made pin. There is a rubber gasket missing at top. The dipstick for the interior is missing.

This piece was revolutionary at its time in the marine business for a few different reasons: 1. It was void of glass 2. It took less people to operate 3. It was always ready for use 4. The specialty designed cylinder made the Calibration accurate 5. Its accuracy is not affected by age and 6. It can be held in any position.

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