Nautical Anemometer And Anemoscope Windmill



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Product Description

A nautical anemometer and anemoscope windmill are two important tools used to measure wind speed and direction. The nautical anemometer is a device that consists of several cups mounted on a central axis. When the wind blows, the cups rotate and the rotation speed is proportional to the wind speed. On the other hand, an anemoscope windmill is a type of windmill that has been specifically designed to measure wind direction. It consists of a rotor with several blades that are orientated to face into the wind. As the wind changes direction, the rotor also changes direction and this movement is used to determine wind direction. Both the nautical anemometer and the anemoscope windmill are essential tools for sailors and meteorologists as they provide critical information about wind conditions that can impact ship navigation, weather forecasting and energy generation.

The anemometer mentioned here features a yellow tail and is made of a combination of brass and aluminum. It would make an excellent decorative addition to any nautical-themed room, adding a pop of vibrant color.


Height: 30″
Length: 27″
Propeller Diameter: 13 1/2″
Base Diameter: 5 3/4″
Weight: 24.5 lbs.

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