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Jas. P Marsh – Tinius Olsen Brass Gauge on Wood Stand




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Product Description

Behold this Jas. P Marsh – Tinius Olsen Brass Gauge on Wood Stand that we have for sale today from a private collection of items. This gauge was very well cared for over the years.

After conducting thorough research, I couldn’t find any information regarding the collaboration between Jas P. Marsh and the Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company to produce a hydraulic gauge. It seems that the details you mentioned might be specific or not widely documented.

However, I can share some general knowledge about hydraulic gauges and their relevance to testing machines. A hydraulic gauge is a device utilized to measure fluid pressure within a hydraulic system. Typically, it consists of a pressure sensor and a scale or dial to display the pressure reading.

Testing machines, such as those manufactured by the Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company, are employed to assess the mechanical properties of various materials. These machines apply forces, loads, or pressures to test samples and record their response.

Incorporating hydraulic gauges into testing machines allows for precise monitoring and control of the applied pressure during testing. This integration ensures accurate and consistent measurement of forces and loads exerted on the test samples. Although no specific collaboration between Jas P. Marsh and Tinius Olsen was found, it’s common for companies to collaborate or source components from other manufacturers to enhance their products’ functionality.


Diameter of Gauge: 8.9″
Height: 13.55″
Base Width: 10.4″
Base Depth: 5.25″
Weight: 13 lbs

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