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Vintage "Slave Clock" by Citizen - Ship's Clock


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Vintage “Slave Clock” – Ship’s Clock

This clock was produced by the famous watch company, Citizen. The manufacturing number for this model NTS-2S clock is 4546 and it was produced in 1996.

Slave clocks are clocks that depend upon another clock for the accuracy of it’s time. These were widely used in ships, businesses, and public schools. Slave clocks would be set up throughout the building/ship and would be electronically wired to a master clock that would ensure all clocks were on the same time.

This vintage slave nautical wall clock measures 8.5 inches in diameter and will extend 2.75 inches when mounted to the wall. There are 3 holes on the back side to assist in mounting the clock to a wall.  This clock weighs 1.8 pounds.

This clock is made of steel in and the original paint is a soft green color. On the inside, the manufacturer’s name “Citizen” can be found. The clock has a thumb screw on the side which allows access to the battery mechanism inside.  The clock takes one AA battery.  We have tested this clock and we can confirm that it does work.

You will be shipped the vintage slave nautical wall clock shown in the photos.

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