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East Germany (GDR) Produced - Antique Sound Powered Ship Phone


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Sound Powered Telephone

This sound-powered telephone was made in Germany by VEB Fernmeldewerk Nordhausen. Fernmeldewerk Nordhausen was the only telecommunications manufacturer of the GDR. The GDR, now known as East Germany, existed from 1949 to 1990 – occupied by Soviet forces and ruled under communist/socialist regime.

This vintage ship’s phone measures 23 inches tall not including any cords that hang down. We measure the phone to be 7 inches wide. When mounted to the wall it will extend out by about 9 inches and weighs 22.7 pounds.

Our vintage ship’s phone is in as-found condition with no verification of the working condition. The rubber cover for the phone’s sound input is missing. It is a great historical piece and it displays very well!  Just the thing for your nautical themed décor or office.

You will be shipped the antique sound powered telephone shown in the photos.

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