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Ahlemann & Schlatter Metallwarenfabrik Bremen, Germany manually operated Foghorn


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German Manual Foghorn

This is an original vintage nautical Ahlemann & Schlatter Metallwarenfabrik Bremen, Germany manually operated Foghorn.  Foghorns or fog signals are used to warn other vessels of navigational hazards such as rocky coastlines and other dangers, or to alert the presence of other vessels. These were typically used when fog has obstructed lighthouses and other marine visual aides.

This Foghorn is Completely functional! Measures 32 inches tall, Handle to base, 40 inches with pump arm extended. The base is 9 1/4 by 9 1/4. The horn itself measures 17 inches long with a 3 inch diameter. The entire piece weighs just under 14 pounds.

This manual foghorn was taken off a vessel being cutup for scrap.  It has been tested and is in complete working condition.

Ahlemann & Schlatter, A Bremen-based company, was founded in 1868. Starting as a trading and crafts company, They quickly became to specialize in the production of ships lanterns. This was due to regulations on ships illuminations in 1875. They excelled in meeting the needs for higher technical demands as well as developing innovations in nautical lighting technology.

You will be shipped the vintage nautical Ahlemann & Schlatter Metallwarenfabrik Bremen Germany manually operated Foghorn shown in the photos because, we take new photos for each listing!


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