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Portsmouth Navy Yard Alarm Bell - Easy Installation


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Portsmouth Navy Yard Alarm Bell

This is an authentic alarm bell from the Navy Yard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth was established in 1800. The manufacturer of this bell is the Durkee Marine Products Corporation out of Staten Island, New York. When mounted to the wall, the height of this alarm is 18 inches. The widest this item is, is 6.5 inches. This alarm will extend out 6.5 inches from the wall. The weight of this alarm is 11.2 pounds.

There is slight color dis-figuration on the alarm but overall it’s in great condition. Fitted with a wall outlet, this alarm is ready to go! Easily turn off and on this alarm with a switch on the wall outlet cord.

You will be shipped the Navy Yard Alarm Bell shown in the photos because, we take new photos for each listing!

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