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Antique Bardou Telescope - U.S. Army Signal Service - Civil War Era

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Antique Bardou Telescope

In 1860, the U.S. Army adopted a new system for visual communication over long distances. This method was created by Albert Myer and he served as the only officer of the U.S. Signal Corps until 1863 when Congress authorized some 2,800 men to serve in the U.S. Signal corps alongside Myer during the Civil War. In the case of telescopes he turned to
the Philadelphia firm of James W. Queen. Queen would import telescopes from the famous French telescope company, A. Bardou & Sons. After a little while, Queen began to replace the Bardou name on the telescope with his own – ‘Queen’.

The telescope that we have listed here served during the early years of the U.S. Civil War as it bears the Bardou name, as well as the engraving for the U.S. Army. The exact engravings are as follows:

A. Bardou
Signal Service
U.S. Army

This telescope is made of brass and leather. The leather has deteriorated over time and has begun to fall apart off the telescope. The telescope is 10.4 inches long when collapsed but extends out to a full length of 26 inches. The eyepiece is 1.5 inches long and the the glass on the lid of the telescope is 2.125 inches. The weight of this telescope is 2.6 pounds.

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