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Antique Nautical Handheld Oil Burning Lantern


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Antique Oil Burning Lantern

This antique lantern will be the perfect decorative addition to the nautical project you’re working on! Without being too overwhelming in it’s design, this lantern has a distinct classic feel to it.

Even though these lanterns were salvaged off a once working vessel, this lantern is in great condition! This light has a green and red filter that slides over top the glass to allow this lantern to be hung on either side of the vessel.

Without the handle, this lantern measures 1′ tall. With the handle extended, the height reaches 14.5″ tall. From the front of the lantern to the back of the side handle, this lantern is 8.5″ long. Finally, the width of this piece is 6″ and the weight is 3.7 pounds.

The working condition of this piece has not been tested.

You will be shipped a black lantern like the one shown in the pictures here.

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