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Certified Authentic 1943 US Navy Mark V Schrader's Diving Helmet


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Certified Authentic 1943 US Navy Mark V Schrader’s Diving Helmet

This is a Certified Authentic 1943 US Navy Mark V Schrader’s Diving Helmet. We reached out to oldhelmet.com because we had a feeling that this Mark V helmet might be authentic, and it turns out that it is! The previous owner of this helmet had a custom stand built for it, that includes an outlet powered light. Be sure to check out all 18 pictures included here! If you hover over the picture, it will stop the pictures from scrolling though.

The Mark V was first offered in 1916 and was made by two different manufactures. The US Navy was the primary consumer of this helmet.

This A. Schrader’s Son (Schrader) Mark V is a classic WWII example from the peak of production. From this time period, Schrader helmets would have the serial number stamped on the identification tag, the transceiver recess, aka communications cup, and the bottom side of all four brails or straps. The serial number 1148B and is clear on the brass ID plate, communications cup, and all four brails. The presence of matching serial numbers is very important to prove all major parts are original and matching to each other. The helmet does feature a US Navy inspection stamp on the communications cup. This stamp shows the helmet was inspected by a US Navy inspector and accepted into their inventory. Schrader Mark V’s that were inspected will usually have the stamp in this location. This information does offer proof the helmet was in US Navy inventory. A large majority of Mark V’s in existence today were sold by the US Government as war surplus after World War 2.

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Most of the brass hardware installed at the factory is present. These parts include the window guards, slotted window guard brass screws, four brails, 12 wingnuts, dumbbell retaining lock, exhaust valve, spitcock valve, communications and air fittings, communications fitting cap. Inside the bonnet, the original air vents are present. The dumbbell retain lock chain is missing along with four copper brail shims, all of which are easily replaceable.


Height: 20″
Length: 15″
Width: 13.5″
Base Length: 26″
Base Width: 16″
Weight: 54 lbs.

You will be shipped the Certified Authentic 1943 US Navy Mark V Schrader’s Diving Helmet shown in the photos.

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