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Bealon Double-Ended Spanner 32*35

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You are looking at a used Bealon Double-Ended Spanner 32*35.  This Spanner is made out of Beryllium Alloy.  With it being made of Beryllium Alloy it has non-sparking and non-magnetic characteristics.  Ships used these types of tools because they are high in strength and hardiness, plus they have great corrosion and fatigue resistance. They are crucial in areas where the tiniest spark could cause a fire or explosion.

This Double-Ended Spanner tool is in excellent condition. If you are looking to add to your collection of vintage tools then this item is the perfect tool for you!


Length: 11.5″
Openings: 1.25″ & 1.5″
Weight: 1.7 lbs.

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