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Antique Propeller Style Wind Gauge Anemometer


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This is an antique maritime wind gauge anemometer with a nautical propeller that was salvaged from a vessel destined to be cut up for scrap at one of the shipbreaking yards. The propeller for sale is aluminum, the tail cone is fiber, and most of the rest of the unit is brass. The aluminum propeller has four blades and measures 13 3/4 inches tip to tip. From the ground to the top of the tail this wind gauge anemometer measures 30 1/2 inches tall. From the front tip to the back of the tail it measures 28 inches. The propeller turns with some resistance. The unit only spins about 30 degrees on the mount pipe.  This antique wind gauge anemometer weighs about 26 pounds.

We have not determined if this wind gauge anemometer works or not, but regardless, it will make a unique display item in your home or outside in your yard or garden area.

You will be shipped the vintage wind gauge anemometer shown in the photos.


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