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Antique Brass Taffrail Log - Produced by John Negus

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Antique Brass Taffrail Log

This antique brass taffrail log is a truly beautiful piece! The weight of this item is 10.3 pounds. The total length is 76 inches. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a taffrail log is “a log that is mounted on the taffrail of a ship and consists of a rotator, log line, and recording device”. Taffrail logs are used on small ships to determine the speed of the ship. The spinner is thrown overboard into the water and sends data back to the log. We’ve had taffrail logs in our warehouse before, but they usually don’t include the log itself. This is a complete antique that will be a great conversation piece in your home or business.

John Negus, of Brooklyn, New York,  filed the patent for this particular taffrail log in August of 1892. The Negus Company purchased the Ritchie Company in 1937 before the Sherman Brothers bought it in 1953.

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