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4 In1 Instrument-Clock/Hygrometer/Barometer/Thermometer

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This is a 4 In1 Instrument-Clock/Hygrometer/Barometer/Thermometer. It is made out of solid brass. This item has two dogs that have to be twisted until they lay down to get inside to put your battery in.

Clock – Insert one double AA battery movement.  Then, set to correct time by turning the hand-set knob. After finishing setting, the instrument will start to function.

Hygrometer – With the hygrometer (humidity gauge) you can check relative air humidity. The most suitable air humidity level for living rooms is between 50% and 75% at a room temperature of approx. 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The instrument was calibrated before leaving the factory, and needs no further adjustment. Adjustment of the HygrometerDue to transportation, this instrument may be off scale. To adjust, put damp cloth on the back of the humidity indicator for 30 minutes. The scale should then read approximately 95. If it reads a lower number or is off scale completely, merely turn slot on back until the pointer is on 95. The humidity indicator will then start to operate again. To maintain accuracy of the instrument, it is advisable to repeat this procedure every six months.

Barometer– The barometer will let you know if it will be Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair, or Very Dry.

Thermometer– This instrument is accurately calibrated before it left the factory. If the pointer setting needs correction on account of disturbance by external influences, turn the adjusting slot on the back of the instrument to reset.

This item would be a great looking piece to place on your wall!


Diameter: 9″
Glass Diameter: 5.34″
Off the Wall: 3″
Weight: 5.3 lbs.

You will be shipped the 4 In 1 Instrument – Clock/Hygrometer/Barometer/And Thermometer shown in the photos.

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