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1979 Brass Taffrail Log - Manufactured in Poland

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P4-19F is a 1979 Brass Taffrail Log . This was manufactured in 1979 by Zakłady Mechaniki Precyzyjnej in Gdanask, Poland. The MERA-WAG symbol on the taffrail shows that this was built in coordination with The Union of the Automation Industry and Measuring Apparatus.

A taffrail log was a nautical instrument used to determine a vessel’s speed, or knots, through the water. It would have been connected to a spinner, which would have allowed the instrument to gauge the speed.


Height: 7.25″
Length: 9″
Width: 4.9″
Base: 3.5″ x 1.75″
Weight: 15.5 lbs.

You will be shipped the 1979 Brass Taffrail Log – Manufactured in Poland shown in the photos.

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