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Wood Mounted The Brownell Co. Dayton Ohio U.S Gauge Co. NY

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This is a wood-mounted The Brownell Co. of Dayton Ohio from the U.S Gauge Co. in NY. Brownell and Co. date back to the late 1800s. They specialized in making steam engines, boilers, and sawmills. U.S. Gauge was founded in 1904 and since has been a manufacturer of air pressure and temperature sensing gauges and instruments for national and international markets.

The housing on this rare piece is solid brass and cast iron. The main housing measures about 10 inches wide. The mounting frame has three mounting holes. It is mounted to a custom-made decorative wood. The dial reads “The Brownell Co.”,” Dayton, Ohio”, “U.S Gauge Co. N.Y”, “Made in the U.S.A.”, and “8 1/2 AD-427”. The dial reads up to 30. The connection point for the source being measured is made of brass.

This is a very versatile item. It will be of interest to a broad range of designers – Steam Punk to nautical design in mind.


Decorative Wood Length:14″
Width: 13.25″
Glass on the dial: 8″ wide
Weight: 10.3 lbs.

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