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Walker's Trident Electric Log


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Walker’s Trident Electric Log

P15-20 is a Walker’s Trident Electric Log. The manufacturers of this log were Thomos Walker & Sons LTD., out of Birmingham, England. This log features an instrument head with a white porcelain face, and analog counters with black numbers for distance run. It does not include the rotor, electric wire, or taffrail. This is one of Walker’s most advanced logs. It was introduced in 1902 and allowed the navigator to remain in the pilot house to take his readings rather than at the vessel’s stern where the log register was located. The large dial registers up to 100 miles, and the smaller registers, 10 and 1000 nautical miles.

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Diameter: 8.5″
Diameter of Glass: 4.75″
Height: 2.75″
Weight: 8.1 lbs.

Serial Number: AC1251

You will be shipped the Walker’s Trident Electric Log shown in the photos here.

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