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Vintage GE Bearing Meter By Ashcroft

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The Vintage GE Bearings Meter by Ashcroft is a valuable tool for maintenance professionals in the marine industry. The harsh conditions of the open sea can cause significant wear and tear on the bearings used in ships. The constant exposure to saltwater, high winds, and varying temperatures can accelerate the degradation of bearings, making regular maintenance crucial for the safe and efficient operation of the ship.

However, by using the Vintage GE Bearings Meter, maintenance crews can quickly and easily detect any issues with the bearings on a ship. This allows them to take proactive steps to prevent bearing failure, saving time and money by avoiding unplanned downtime and costly repairs. Additionally, by regularly monitoring the condition of the bearings, the crew can predict when the bearings will need to be replaced, allowing them to plan for maintenance and replacement during scheduled dry docks or port calls. This further helps to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the ship.

Aside from its practical benefits, the Vintage GE Bearings Meter also adds a unique character to any room. Its vintage design, featuring a unique aesthetic, gives it a touch of nostalgia and adds a unique character to any room. It serves not only as a functional piece of equipment, but also as a decorative one. It is a great conversation starter and adds a touch of history to any industrial or commercial setting.


Glass Diameter: 4″
Diameter of Mount: 5 3/4″ with 3 mounting holes
Extends Of Wall: 2 1/4″
Weight: 3 lbs.

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