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The Vintage Crosby 0-15 PSI Gauge with 1/8 lb. Subdiv. was a common device used to measure the pressure of various fluids and gases on ships in the past. Its durability and accurate readings made it a popular choice for use in maritime settings such as cargo ships, oil tankers, and even navy ships. Furthermore, the gauge played a crucial role in many of the ship’s systems, including fuel and oil systems, pneumatic systems, and other pressure-sensitive systems. Specifically, the gauge’s mechanical design features a needle that clearly indicates the current pressure reading on a calibrated dial. Additionally, the 1/8 lb. subdivision precision allows the gauge to measure pressure in increments of 1/8 pounds per square inch, which is essential for ensuring the safety and efficient operation of the ship’s systems and prevents any potential damage and breakdowns.

This Vintage Crosby 0-15 PSI gauge is made out of iron and does have wear on it as well. The name Crosby can be seen on the face of the gauge.



Diameter of Face: 4″
Base Diameter: 5 3/4″
Length: 7 1/4″
Thickness: 2″
Mounting: 3 mounting holes
Weight: 3 lbs.


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